Why Are People Taking Laundry Baskets To The Grocery Store?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may remember the breakfast sandwich hack I shared this past October after discovering it on the trendy video app TikTok. Today’s post also comes to from the “inspired by TikTok” file, but this time we’re focusing on groceries rather than breakfast.

It’s a relatively simple tip, but there are a number of reasons why people are raving about it. It can saves you time, reduce the number of plastic or paper bags you use, and it makes it much easier to bring your groceries inside in a single trip (which is my personal favorite benefit of this grocery hack!)

Here’s how it works:
The Laundry Basket Grocery Hack – How It Works Toss a laundry basket in the trunk of your car before head out to the grocery store. Do your shopping as usual, then once you get to the checkout stand, ask the cashier to skip the bags and just load the groceries right back into your shopping cart. (No paper, no plastic, no bags at all!) When you get back to your car, load all the groceries from the cart into the laundry basket you brought with you. (This step provides an opportunity for you to organize things however you like them, with frozen items grouped together, heavy items away from easily crushed ones, or even according to where they’ll end up in your pantry or fridge.) When you get back home, grab your basket of groceries and carry it inside. Easy! How Will The Laundry Basket Grocery Hack Save Me Time?
Having all your groceries loaded into a single laundry basket could save you several trips to and from the car, but that’s not the only way this hack can save you time. The real time-saving happens while you’re still inside the grocery store!

Having the groceries go right back into your cart eliminates the time you’d normally have to wait for the bagging process to occur. Not only does this save you a few extra minutes at the store, but you’ll be saving everyone in line behind you some time as well.

Even if you decide you still want your groceries bagged as usual, loading a laundry basket into your trunk is still a good idea on its own. Think of it as a no-cost alternative to a trunk organizer—it will prevent your groceries from sliding around the trunk of your car and eliminate the need for multiple trips to bring everything inside.

You can use any laundry basket you happen to have at home, but I suggest grabbing one with a “hip hug” if it’s available. Laundry baskets with hip hugs have one curved side that makes it easier to both hold the basket in front of you, and to prop it on your hip and carry with just one hand.
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