Wednesday, Chart 16!

     I completed another chart yesterday so that is an accomplishment.  I am hoping by the end of the day to have at least $500.00 of the $1000.00 I need for my extra house payment for the month.  I feel like the month is getting away from me and that no goals will be accomplished because the shop is just so dang busy I can't come up for air.

     The Littles parents brought us over some fresh Halibut and some steamer clams from their time away last weekend.  I am looking forward to dinner. Yum!

     Fresh tomatoes,fried yellow squash and Halibut with a side of clams on pasta, I can handle that.

     I have the upstairs kitchen counter covered in tomatoes and I do not have time to can so I am having hubs wash cut and freeze this batch, as I think I can find room in the freezer.  There is just no time to go through canning pantry and things right now.

     The shop has been non stop calls and clients all morning.  I was able to get a wedding dress out yesterday and hopefully will have another out tonight.  I have some hand work left to do on the one going out today.  Crazy busy yesterday. I love the money and the business but I would like to be able to finish a sentence before the door bell rings or the phone goes off. 

     I just ran out to pick up the chicken eggs, and I watered the flower boxes and fed all the food scrap in the fridge to the chickens who really love me by the way.  Those two things are off my list.  I also started a load of laundry and I have two more to do.  We are not even going to talk about the ironing as I still have a couple of blouses in the closet;)  But that will have to be faced soon.

     Well I need to get to work, and get some of this crap out of the shop.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.