Tips for Transforming Messy Space


Have you ever found yourself thinking that you’re a messy person? I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone and many people all around you often think of themselves in the same way.

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These tips have helped turn the unorganized messy person in all of us into a new and improved reformed less messy version of ourselves. So, read on as we dive into some of the best tips to get you started on becoming more organized.

Surround Yourself With Organized People

While this one may seem a little too good to be true, you need to trust us on this. When you surround yourself with co-workers and neat roommates, it will slowly become a new trait for you. It should be noted that besides having a generally easier time in life, you’ll soon learn just how resourceful this can be.
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Once or twice there were moments where I found myself in a place where a very close organized, and helpful friend actively organized and cleaned out the closets. Another family friend even volunteered to share her organizational skills with me as she showed me to properly fold my clothes so that they’d fit into the drawers neatly. While hiring a professional organizer is on another level, there’s always someone you can call in your time of need because everyone knows someone who’s extremely neat. 

Using these resources at times is a good idea to set things in motion. Even if you’ve got organized co-workers, you can easily ask him or her to schedule your days so that you work better and more efficiently. There are also neat ways to set up calendars to ensure that you’re accountable for your time and your efforts.

Make Sure Everything You Own Has A Place
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Most people tend to just throw paper and business cards around or even on top of their desks. In essence, these items never really tend to have space and they usually pile up somewhere until one day they spill all over the floor. If this sounds familiar, then you can easily reduce the levels of mess and explosions if you designate a special space for them.

So, make sure that everything has a place. Invest in a great desk with storage space from Even if you’re used to taking snacks to work, it’s a good idea to set a special place for them. If you’ve got outgoing mail, you can leave them in front of your monitor so that you always keep track of what’s going on. 

These things take time to remember and practice, so if ever you become overwhelmed, it’s a good idea to trust the organized people close to you. They will offer help and they’ll soon develop craft systems to ensure that everything in your home has a special space. 

Turn It Into A Challenge

Most people love the idea of a game or a challenge. So why not turn it into a fun game? Even if it sounds weird or even ridiculous, this is one proven method that works. The following serves as an example of a fun game: 

 * If you’re used to leaving your dirty clothes on the floor, you can make a game around that with your partner. Whenever your clothes are left on the floor, you’ll get a tally mark. Between the both of you, the one with the most at the end of the month is scheduled to do the laundry for the next month.  

If you’re working, you can also easily structure this into a challenge at work. A little office competition will ensure that you all have fun while at work. 
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Get Rid Of Your Stuff

For some staying neat is quite a challenge. So, before things become too cluttered, it’s a good idea to do an entire cleanout. You can gather your old clothes and donate them to a good cause, and you can even recycle things around your home. 

Thinking that you might use things at some point is the biggest mistake that anyone can make. So, if you’re intending to stay neat more often, you need to throw stuff out, recycle them, or donate them. However, it should be noted that you’re still allowed to keep at least one box of random, or even sentimental stuff. 
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While it may seem hard to clean your home out to this extent, you can reward yourself after. If you clean out the desk today, there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to something new and special to replace everything else that was thrown out.