Crafting is nothing new

For centuries people have loomed fabric, sewn their own clothes, made quilts, built furniture, fashioned jewelry out of stone, metal, and gems. Skills passed down from mother to daughter and father to son, keeping artisan skills alive. Granted, much of that DIY was mandated—make it yourself or do without—but nowadays, crafting has taken on more of the role of hobbies and enrichment, creating a $43 billion industry that is steadily growing ( This drives crafters and hobbyists to Tailored Living® for a custom craft room, uniquely their own, to give full reign to creative expression.

A basement craft and playroom designed for Canadian celebrity, Lisa Canning, by Tailored Living serving Central Toronto West
If you’ve been dreaming of a craft room for yourself, or the whole family, but don’t see how you can spare the living space, Tailored Living can help you get the perfect craft room for your lifestyle. Innovative storage and organization solutions and even a Murphy Bed can work wonders with maximizing your space to achieve the craft room of your dreams. The ultimate craft room/guest room Does this sound familiar? “Crafting fills my life … and my kitchen table, closets, bedroom, living room …” All that abundance can seem like clutter to a non-crafter, but to a crafter, it’s creativity and exciting projects waiting to happen. Whether you want to unwind and de-stress by indulging your love for hobbies and crafting, or you run a crafting business from your home, you’ll need appropriate space. Commandeering the guest room for a place to work, store supplies, and enjoy the whole experience may not seem practical, but with an integrated Murphy Bed, you don’t have to lose that guest room capability to get the craft room you need. You can have both a full-service craft or sewing room and a comfortable guest room when the need arises. Functionality is key in creating the necessary work and storage space, as well as integrating a hidden Murphy Bed into the design.

An unobtrusive Murphy Bed lets the room be dedicated to crafting full-time until company comes
Custom cabinets provide workspace and organized storage for all the crafter’s needs. When company comes, the enclosed cabinets and drawers hide the craft clutter and the Murphy Bed transforms the room into a comfortable guest room. During the day, the bed can fold up, fully made, and return the room to the crafter’s use. A shared-space craft room Another option is converting a portion of a room to a craft area. Great rooms are popular for integrated family life, and they lend themselves to multiple activities within the same space. Designing a great room with specific activity zones would allow incorporation of a dedicated craft room or work area alongside the other uses of the room. Custom cabinetry or bookshelves could add some seclusion apart from the rest of the room, if desired.

Create separate areas in a multiple-purpose room for all the uses
Define specific areas, such as one end of the room for crafting, the other end for a playroom or TV area for separate-but-together shared space. Each function would have its own storage, organization or furniture to accommodate its purpose. The room could serve more than one use at a time, with Mom crafting and the kids watching TV. Custom storage for specific needs Tailored Living can design cabinetry and shelving that will accommodate whatever you need to store, from tiny beads in jars to shelves for stacking bolts of fabric. Recent research by the Association for Creative Industries (AFCI) indicates that nearly two-thirds of U.S. households (62%) participate in at least one crafting hobby, with 45% of those involved in up to five or more different crafts. That can require a lot of stuff to store! And if you’re an ardent crafter, you don’t want to waste precious time hunting for what you need. Having supplies organized and easily accessible is a big part of having that dream room.

Custom storage solutions will keep all craft supplies organized and make crafting a pleasurable experience every time
A combination of open shelves and enclosed cabinets lets you control how much you want to display or hide. (One crafter’s clutter is another crafter’s joy.) Convenient storage makes it easy for kids to learn how to be neat and organized while pursuing their own hobbies. Adjustable shelving and drawer dividers can accommodate shifts in storage needs as your projects and requirements change over time. Match the cabinetry to the style of your home’s décor or create a unique space to fire up your imagination. Islands or tables can provide additional workspace for large projects or multiple crafters. Let your artistic personality shine through Some crafters like to see everything out in the open, others prefer supplies behind closed doors. Whichever style gets you in the mood, go for it! Surround yourself with the “tools of your trade” and touches to make the space uniquely yours. Photos, artwork, plants, and candles can integrate with all those supplies to create the picture-perfect workspace and inspiration station.

Create a space you love to spend time in, tailored to your needs and style preference
Whether you craft for personal enjoyment, make gifts for friends and family, create décor items for your home, or sell your creations, you deserve a space that lets you excel. Tailored Living’s whole-home organization specialists can help create the ideal space to pursue whatever you love to do. Call 866-641-8958 (US) or 866-973-8221 (CAN) today or go online to to find a designer near you. We can also help with clutter and chaos in any part of your home, offering closet organization systems, home office design, laundry room, pantry organization, garage cabinets and custom garage flooring, and more. Subscribe to our free eNewsletter to stay on top of new home design trends and innovative storage and organization ideas.
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