Best Gift Ideas Ever

Presenting Organizer friendly gift ideas
Give experiences and consumables instead of stuff
(*** = list of my favorites)
Share the gift of live entertainment
A cultural experience to a play or theater***
Tickets to a sporting event
Movie passes or movie night
Tickets to a concert or musical performance
Share a gift for the whole family to get active
Membership or passes to a museum***
Involvement in nature clubs, groups, or organizations
A zoo*** or aquarium*** day pass, membership or program
Create and share digital photo books
Sign up for clubs, classes***, or lessons
Plan a fun family outing*** (skiing, skating, sledding)
Fitness Membership or classes
Share a gift of kindness
Volunteering at a food bank, homeless shelter, hospital, etc.
Perform an act of kindness to share with recipient
Gifts of time or a financial contribution
Donation to charity*** in recipients name
A useful automobile related gift, car washing or detailing
Shopping for charity***
Gifts of your time and memories
Assistance for necessities
Share a gift of pampering
Salon treatment or spa day
Food in any form (chocolate, tea, restaurant gift certificate)
Books or music for electronic devices
Housework assistance (laundry service, window cleaning)
A dose of nature, cut flowers, floral arrangements, or wreath
Gift certificate for my services
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