A 'Why Didn’t I Think of That?' Way to Fold Fitted Sheets

I've always enjoyed folding laundry—that moment when it's fresh and toasty from the dryer, and you spread it out on your bed (or table), and for a brief moment your room smells like clean mountain air. When I know no one's looking, I burrow my face into that warm pile for a few minutes before I start to sort through the t-shirts, socks (always minus the pair) and sheets. I listen to my favorite podcasts as I organize each article of clothing, ready to fit neatly and securely in my closet. It gives me a feeling of having accomplished something significant.

All of that goes right out the window if I'm folding a fitted sheet. Because, despite my determined efforts to show it who's boss, and the fact that it's really not rocket science, I fail every. single. time.


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