A basement is a blessing (indeed), it can be used for literally anything

You can build a Laundry in your basement, or a place to store your stuff, or you can turn it into a room to chill out during family gatherings. But most of us don’t know what to do with our basements, and eventually, end up filling it up with unnecessary clutter.

After messing up your basement with every type of junk you could find on the Earth, you prefer not to visit the place again until the next decade or so (pun intended!). But finally, when you visit it, you realize this is one of the filthiest places in the States!

Worry not! Your basement is going to change permanently (for good). We have 21 amazing tips or you can say basement organization ideas that could transform your basement into an otherworldly experience.  
17 Smart Basement Organization Ideas 1. Getting Rid of Items that You Don’t Use Anymore
First things first, you would need a day or two (at least) for evaluating items in your basement. You need to make sure that you get rid of the items that are no longer wanted. Also, you can categorize the items that you would need according to their importance or usage.

This Four-Box Technique will help you in decluttering your basement without any stress.
2. Built-in Storage Solution
Let’s be open, most of us don’t have huge basements. Even though we want to store more stuff in our basements but a shortage of space crushes our plans!

But I see this everywhere, people don’t utilize the space in their basements as effectively as it’s possible. There is a lack of management!

A good place to start with could be the space under the stairs. It has a huge potential for improvisation. You can use these hidden storage ideas that can be built in for small spaces.
3. Inexpensive Wire Shelves

People use cardboard boxes to store paints, grease, extension cords, brushes, etc. But as we mentioned earlier, cardboard boxes are receptive to molds and mildew. Those cardboard boxes take away the aesthetic value too!

You can use an inexpensive wire shelves to store all your clutter. I found this easy to install and easy to clean shelf on Amazon. The best part about this particular one is that it can load up to 1000lbs of weight.
4. Plastic Bins for Storage

You can consider using Plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes (by now you already know why, so I won’t mention the reason once again). Plastic bins will be resistant to moisture and are aesthetically much better.

I found this 24 drawer plastic bin storage set with high-impact polystyrene frame on Amazon which is already being loved by the people who bought it. The best part is that it is still not expensive.

Do you want to know the most amazing thing about plastic bins? You can label them while according to its content.
5. Kids’ Toys Storage
Credit: White House Black Shutters

I love this one! Storing kids’ old toys in your basement works phenomenally well. This can be done with the help of a shelf and a few baskets. Store the toys in these baskets.

It might not seem valuable to you but with the help of this hack, you can manage their clutter in the rest of the house as well. You can keep their latest toys up until they get bored of them. 
6. Cube Organizers for Your Basement

You can create a good looking basement, which will also store your items well. Don’t worry there’s no difficult DIY project here. You can simply purchase a (or a few) cube organizer/s online.

This elegant cube organizer on Amazon is the best one available at such a low price on Amazon. Or you can even choose something premium like this organizer made from MDF.

A cube organizer can transform your basement on a whole new level. Don’t just believe this, go try it out!
7. Hanging Items

Grab a few heavy-duty hooks. You can use these hooks to store items in your basement. You should store items such as brooms, hose, extension cords, foldable chairs with the help of hooks. 

The biggest advantage of this hack is that you can store items that occupy too much space on a hook and thus make more space. In organizing a basement (or any other room), our whole purpose is to organize it in such a way to store more items in a small place but in an aesthetically pleasing way.
8. Pegboard Organization

Pegboards are magical! Pegboards are solid, easy to arrange/rearrange and reusable. You can use a pegboard in almost any corner of your house, but having it in your basement is a must!

By adding a few pegboards in your basement wall you can store your tools, cleaning supplies or any other item in an extremely organized manner.  You can attach baskets on your pegboard and store your kids’ toys or store other old items.

Need a pegboard? Get it here.

Do check this tutorial for the garage pegboard storage wall.
9. Use Space Over Staircase

If your basement is extremely small and full of clutter (that you don’t want to get rid off) then you can use the space above the stairs. Shocked? No need to be. You just need to attach a few baskets and hangars to store your Coats, hats, gloves, or other winter wear.

Here is a step by step guide that will help you in pulling out this simple but life-changing DIY project off. I ain’t even kidding when I say life-changing, because this one can truly transform it!
10. Bookshelves For Storage

Usually, we use bookshelves for storing books right? Wrong! You can store almost anything on a bookshelf. Instead of spending your dollars on shelving, you can opt for an inexpensive bookshelf like this one.

By putting a few bookshelves side by side in your basement you can store a whole lot of clutter in an organized way.
11. Upgrade Your Laundry Game

A lot of us use our Basements for Laundry purposes. But at the same time, we don’t organize it well and it gets unnecessarily cluttered. Do you think a Laundry makeover will cost you thousands of Dollars? You need to think again then!

I can’t thank Lifestorage enough for this amazing Laundry room makeover which costs less than $100! It has proved to be a gamechanger (believe me or not!). But I would say don’t just believe or disbelieve me, try it out for yourself.
12. Labeled Plastic Containers
By now you must have realized this, that you should not store your things in a cardboard box. There are many alternatives for a cardboard box. Labeled Plastic boxes work extremely well. You can store all your clutter according to categories by labeling them.

You don’t have to do much, just go and grab a few plastic containers from your nearest dollar store or you can buy online from Amazon.
13. Using Ceiling Space
Credit: Digsdigs

I know this one sounds bizarre but get ready to change your perception about it. There is so much room to store things on a ceiling. Most of us don’t use this space. But with the help of this hack, you can store those items on the ceiling which are needed only once in a while.

All you have to do is to create tracks on the ceiling by employing a flange system. Then buy airtight boxes that match the proportions of your frame. Then simply fill these boxes with your stuff and label them. Or simply buy this overhead garage storage rack. 
14. Rolling Cart to Store Small Items

Some items are really easy to lose but in the long run, are important. Whether it’s an old diary, extra stationery, photo albums, or other similar items, it sucks when you are not able to find what you need.

Try out this simple hack and never lose a thing again. I am not even exaggerating, this one is very effective! Just grab a rolling.

Check out this rolling cart on Amazon.
15. Be Careful With Wooden Furniture
Due to the amount of moisture in a basement and chances of a termite invasion, we would say don’t store wooden furniture in your basement. But if you can’t avoid it then follow some simple guidelines to ensure a long life for your furniture.

You can place cinder blocks to elevate your furniture. Just place it under the legs of your furniture. By doing this you can protect your furniture in case of a flood or any other water leakage in your basement.

You can also cover your wooden furniture and protect it from scratches. But don’t use plastic to cover the furniture, as it can cause the wood to swell. Instead, cover it with clothes or furniture pads.

Check this Furniture Storage guide out!
16. Dehumidifier for Basement
We have already talked about humidity in the basement. Thankfully it’s the 21st century, so we have the required technology to tackle this as well.

You must invest in a dehumidifier, it will pull away unnecessary moisture from the basement. Having a dehumidifier will make sure that mold and mildew don’t disrupt your basements environment. It will also keep musty smells at bay.

Ps- Basements are all about long term storage. Humidity is totally against long term storage. Fix this up as soon as possible.

So get a humidifier now!
17. Garbage bin: A must
It’s pretty rare to find a garbage bin in a basement. But in my humble opinion, it is really important to have one. We store so much stuff in our basements, and from time to time we throw random garbage here there. A garbage bin can ensure that your basement is perfectly neat and clean.

I think having a garbage bin is so damn obvious, that most of us simply take it for granted. People forget about Garbage bins very easily and end up with a messy basement floor.

Buy a garbage bin.

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So after reading this article, you must be clear about this that your basement can look way better and highly organized than it is now. I hope you are going to devote the upcoming Sunday for the transformation of your basement.

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