14 Space-Saving Ideas for Small Homes (and Growing Families)

When you’re planning on having a larger family but is stuck in a small home, try maximizing your space.
As land spaces get more costly, families with smaller homes are getting more practical by utilizing every space inside and outside their homes.

If you plan to do this at your own tiny space, here are some space-saving ideas that would be perfect for your growing family. This does not only save space it’s for a well-deserved family bonding!
In the Bedroom: Bunk Beds 1. Bunk beds are a terrific idea for small kids.
They can be removable or built in – and don’t up much space at all! In fact, your kids will be clamoring to get to bed at night.


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2. You can add a bed side lamp shade in each level for better lighting.
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3. A loft bed is definitely not a bad idea especially if the space underneath can be utilised as a reading or play area.
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4. A Simple Hanging Closet
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5. Storing stuff in boxes under the bed is so practical, it’s amazing.
Under the bed storage isn’t a new idea – but it is a great place to stash a load of stuff. If you don’t have a fancy bed like this one, consider space bags or the short snap-lock boxes that are designed to wheel straight under the bed. Perfect for the winter or summer wardrobe when items aren’t going to be in use!

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6. What better place to store your kids’ toys and things than under their bed?
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7. One way to de-clutter your kitchen table is to hang your cups and other small things in hanging containers.
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8. Hang your favourite chips with clips
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9. Organise your kitchen in a coordinated fashion.
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10. Make the most out of your small pantry
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11. Why not put an extension to your counter tops?
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12. Do you have a tiny dining area? Try putting an elegant pull out dining table or a pull out kitchen table
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13. Maximise the space in your laundry room
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14. Organise your bathroom properly.
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15. Invest in a Bug Zapper for Your Outdoor Area
Bug zappers make small outdoor areas more usable for the family!

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What do you think about these space-saving ideas for small homes?

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